KickBox Hero

…stars in his eyes

About 18 months ago I joined a nearby kickboxing gym because I was looking to change up my workout routine from am I going to run today or lift stuff (which really meant wait for some kid to get off the bench while he scrolled through the internet’s latest gags) to … anything different really.

And since that fateful day I first walked in for a trial and registration, I have been going pretty regularly at a pace of anywhere between once a week to 4 times over the span of the past year and a half.

Am I training for battle? No, but I like to pretend so.


The typical class consists of some stretches and workouts such as push-ups, burpees and the likes; you know…the kinda stuff that takes you back to elementary physical education class but at a much more intense level (I may only FEEL this way because of my age?) At this point my limbs begin to sore and the sweat just begins to make its way from my pores.

We then run a few laps, and I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I RUN. I get it, it’s supposed to be a jog to keep your body moving while shaking out the soreness from the previous moments of difficulties, but I will be the first to admit to an intense pace that may alert others of nearby urgent matters. But MAYBE this horse trot is a mental projection from the satisfaction that we are done with burpees and push ups for the time being!

After returning to our bags, I guzzle down a few seconds of water because I know that is the only thing keeping me alive at that moment. We put our boxing gloves then its GAME time.

Combos are yelled out over the sound system along with a playlist of your typical fast-paced pop/hip-hop tunes, and despite my dislike for such conglomeration of genres; I’M READY.


drum beats blare, enter the catchy melody of today’s aural flavor

THIS KICK/THAT KICK/PUNCH/STUFF boom whip thud thump

I’m aching, I’m out of breath. But I am into this. Sometimes I go harder, yet sometimes I have to tone it down to get the combos right. OR there are times I can’t hear or I have to take a moment to watch and rewatch the instructor’s steps and footwork. What? how am supposed to go from 2 roundhouse kicks to THAT? What leg..?

The sweat pours and the dry-mouth tastes like a handful of pebbles.

Time passes and I give myself a few more water and breathing breaks before it is time for the HARDEST part and the BEST FEELING part.

Ab workout followed by stretching; I’ve never experienced such back to back extremities such as these two. 5 minutes of ab workout is only 5 minutes because I would be dead on minute 6. But I don’t know if the process of dying would start with my gut or my thighs. Then it’s time to stretch in some yoga fashion, where I hear all my body’s cells praise out in harmony, aaaahh!

Overall, I’ve been loving it and I don’t mind the way my knuckles now show strange color pigments of never-before-seen-in-that-area tones of beaten skin. Again, NO I’m not necessarily training for a tournament or a fight. But I could now with all confidence claim to be able throw a nasty left jab/right hook combo!

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