Opening Day

…peanuts and crackerjacks…

Every year, or at least on a few occasions from the most recent years of my life, I like to tune into opening day of Major League Baseball just to say yea I could be a sports guy in the spring also. So when I wear a Yankees hat, people won’t just look at me and go psssht


This year’s opening day the Yankees hosted the Baltimore Orioles on a weekday afternoon, where I had the chance to time my work-lunch break just before the 1pm first pitch.

I head down to the cafeteria and scoop some kind of chicken/rice concoction on my plate and grab a seat. And behold, the TV is already on espn and the starting lineups are being announced; Tanaka will take the mound for NY.

A couple dramatic baseball stories are told along with commercials and shots of people playing catch. Then zap black ~


I think it has something to do with the Yankees games being on yankees channel and not espn, but come on. That was gonna be my next hour of work!

At least I had sportscenter the next morning, which informed me that started the season victorious, with the usual swarm of RBIs and homeruns…and if I am remembering correctly, Boston lost!

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