The Death of Robo-callers

…or you could only hope.

It wasn’t long ago when I would answer an occasional number from an unknown caller that was asking for donations for one charity or another; police benevolent associations, NON local fire departments, cancer research, wounded soldiers, and the likes. In those not so distant ago days I would kindly find a way to exit the call on patient terms. I’m sorry, times are tough, was my go-to. Or there was always, not sure. That seemed to throw them off; they would ask how much they could write me down for, and if I didn’t know then I didn’t know. And the caller didn’t know either.

These calls were at first very few and very occasional. But over time I started to notice that most of the calls came from the same voice and the same responses would come from my responses; or lack there of. And what’s weird is as I saw a drastic rise in the rate of these aggravatingly annoying calls, I started to see a rise in people around me talking about the same strange calls being made to them. So it’s not only that is receiving the calls, it’s also my small circle of family, friends, and co-workers. But it’s NOT only my small circle of such acquaintances since I have even seen the same stories presented on news sites under headlines such as How to Stop Robo-Callers.


Really, robo-callers? How are we supposed to tackle this one? I have a very long list of blocked numbers on my cell; and most of them come from the same voice. This older sounding man, and after reading the word robo-caller at some point in time, I had thought to myself, yea, pretty creepy that this voice sounds human at first but is somehow mechanically manufactured and designed with different responses in order to obtain information. But he (or it) keeps calling from a new number, and because of my work, I HAVE to answer from unknown numbers, so it’s frustrating to have to keep answering these calls just to add another number to my list of blocked ones.

The last one I received, there was actually a robotic cough, or throat clearing sound that was thrown in one of the pauses after I said no.

Just quit it, creeps. No ones buying this anymore. Maybe 2 years ago, maybe 2 weeks ago. But not anymore.

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