POTUS: America’s #1 Reality Star

hail to the chief – doo do do doo do do doo do do do doo do

I was watching something simply artsy and entertaining on A&E network and I saw a preview for a Trump miniseries and I said to myself, I gotta check THAT out.

Though that was only a few weeks ago, I never did look for it on-demand and I never did ask myself why did I want to watch it; or why do I NOT end up watching it after-all.

Then shortly after; maybe the next day or so I saw a giant billboard for a new show about the Bush boys, you know George and Jeb; maybe Senior also. I couldn’t tell too much from the billboard, but again I said to myself, I gotta check THAT out.

On that bus ride when I saw the Bush billboard I asked myself, Wasn’t there another docu-reality bio show starring footage about a president? Oh yea…Mr. Donald Trump. Now, I have the Trump fam and the Bush clan to catch up on.

So my bus eventually makes its way through the Lincoln Tunnel and shortly after settling in for the day I decide to break for the cafeteria. And what comes up on the TV, which is permanently tuned to CNN according to some corporate law, I suppose…A COMMERCIAL FOR A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT RICHARD NIXON! And could you imagine the thought that comes to my head?

…you guessed it. I gotta check that out!


What is it about the life of a president that we are so fascinated with?


On a side note, I just wanted to add that this post had been sitting in my draft folder for a few weeks now, either waiting for graphics, time or maybe even more thought. So you may be reading this and asking yourself, what Bush show? Trust me, it was a thing. Maybe not a widely viewed and highly rated thing but it was something in existence.

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