What is this?

…this…this THING you’re reading…

I get ideas. From time to time I get ideas, sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they are far-fetched and highly unreachable, like the sci-fi post-apocalyptic film I hope to direct; and other times they are as simple as a guitar riff or a song line that I don’t want to forget.

When I started this blog… this site…this place where you are reading these words, I had an idea. It was based off a bunch of ideas while browsing different things either on my phone or my computer at work. The thought process of how I went from one moment of downtime blankness between little tasks at work to eventually coming up with this blog with this site name resembled the mapped out flight of a bumblebee. And the inner-dialogue went like this…

(sigh) I need to find a new job. Or maybe I should get some kind of certification and see where I could make more money…or go to school again for something more worthwhile. Or I know … side business… side hustle. I could sell more junk on ebay and whatnot. I could freelance SOMETHING. I have a few original songs I could possibly sell somewhere or post or however that works… or look, I could make money writing…what?

My attention focused back to work where I probably sent a forecasting report or checked off some inventory in-bounds. But soon enough my phone made its way back out and my thoughts were coasting around at cyclonic velocities…


…or I could see what photos could be contributed to stock site. I can’t afford a house that I could rent out, but DAMN that would be nice. Real estate…hmmm where could I get my real estate license? Well, I can’t afford a house, what about a business? Nope, what about a SMALL business? … a really small business?

So I think that afternoon of finding myself digging deep within a rabbit hole in my own mind ended when I found a site where people were trying to sell their very small startup business and I concluded with the idea that yea, I could probably invest in one of these small business. OR I could just start my own.

I sold a lot of collectibles over the past few years on ebay, ranging from comic books, to movies, to action figures to even a few cameras. But that day I had this idea that I would legitimize it a tad more by building some kind of site…or a web store. And … let me add that I didn’t know what I was doing … so I went to wordpress, where blogging became my forefront of this supposed business, which really has very little to do with the aforementioned web business.

So here I am, with a blog named TowersCE because my ebay name has something to do with Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. And catching on early that, yea, this is a blog site more or less, I’ll add those two last letters to specify what I’m doing. So here we have it…Towers Collectibles and Experiences.

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