The only thing you’re influencing is DEPRESSION.


All catchy subtitles and zing aside, I want to share a revelation that struck me like a bolt of tornado while scrolling through my phone one bored moment yesterday. I apologize in advance for the slow buildup to this point, but carry on soldier, it will be worth it.

The accounts I follow on Instagram are on an incredibly wide spectrum ranging from sci-fi/fantasy art to professional wrestling memes to home studio music production tips to nature photography to actual real life friends and family to finally portraits of beautiful women from all over the world.

I admit that the last topic mentioned in the above paragraph has been growing at such an alarming rate that I felt the need to put my phone down and write about what it is that I am noticing.

Yes, I still like my Heavy Metal style artwork posts and occasionally a new artist comes up and I will follow him/her. Same goes with pro wrestler or fan page, nature photographer and the likes. And yes, on very rare occasions, someone from actual REAL LIFE may even throw a request my way and I follow back.

But I need to comment on the overwhelming world of the ladies of IG and how I somehow entered this rabbit hole and continue to dig deeper.

The algorithms behind IG search and recommendations are generally right, based on my history. They’ve taken notice of my interests in home-studio music recordings and my little interactions I’ve had with other people of the same likes. They’ve seen my trends of thumbing up (or heart-ing) a wildlife shot or visually striking landscape. And at some point I must have prompted them to start recommending women of Russian or Polish descent … or Italian or Dominican … or anywhere for that matter, posing or partaking in some kind of physical fitness or gym-related activity because this piece of the IG pie has become staggering enormous in comparison to the rest of my apparent interests.

When I first started to take notice of the hordes of glam portraiture being fed my way I said to myself, I’m somewhat new to IG. So THIS is what IG really is. Meaning, once you first sign up and get past the ADD PEOPLE YOU KNOW prompts and ADD INTERESTS fields, which include things like espn and planet earth and nintendo, some indefinite time passes before the real and darker IG pokes it’s ugly head and serves as a reflection to one’s own dark inner self.

I used to get annoyed at the idea that 50k people will like a picture that simply features a women pointing a camera phone at a mirror with a lame caption that reads something like “feeling so alive.” Why is everyone encouraging this? I used to ask myself.

I then used to get bothered by all these people who would claim to be public figures or business travelers or world blogger or whatever description that signified their utmost importance in the world.

At some point I started coming across the words social media influencer or just influencer and that’s when I took action and went on deleting sprees or periods of inactivity.


But HERE’S MY REALIZATION, or my REVELATION if the more dramatic is what you prefer. OK so a photo of a woman in a bikini sitting on a rock next to a waterfall gets 100 thousand hearts or likes. They also get a helluva bunch of blah comments like, “hey beautiful.” I then click on her page to see she has 1 million followers. Simple math tells me that this picture showed up in 900 thousand peoples’ feed, whom did not care one bit to even take a nano second to press the heart picture.

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