2020 Vision

Blood Mania

Happy New Year!

I’m not wishing the world a HNY six days following the event out of my resolution of kindness to strangers. Because as we approach this time of year, which is about the one week mark into the new year, both you and I know that by now we need no longer to wish happiness to others (for the sake of a new year). We are back to normalcy, and by now return to reality equates to questioning our motives for keeping such challenging resolutions.

still smoking?

I just wanted to address the world, which is about 8 of you, that I am hoping to finish projects that I start. And THAT is a resolution I hope to keep!

In 2019, as well as several years leading up to, I grew a very bad habit of having an idea, starting a project. Then BOOM…


…my focus is onto the next. And this site; my blog which started out of a way to collect my thoughts in a more creative approach to selling JUNK shows a growing list of unfinished drafts, neglect, and overall haste…which you all know what that makes.

So I am hoping to churn out these blogs in unseen fashion. What’s on my mind? What’s flowing from my fingertips? What’s on YOUR minds? What’s happening in the world?

Thank you for coming across this short yet hopefully relate-able and entertaining piece about what its like to have a hard time finishing or even continuing projects once they are started. I hope to share more as the days and nights go by. And I look forward to continuing the practice of pasting old movie clips.

I’m hoping to keep the art coming in 2020

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