WILLpower is CAKE

…or maybe not…

Death Race 2000

I’m on optimist, overall, and have a fairly positive outlook on life. But I still have moments of disappointment or discouragement, and though I always eventually shake them off; these instances when I am down could sometimes have a lasting affect on my life.

Take, for example, a recent trip to the grocery store. It was about 9 pm and I just got out of work. I was probably exhausted, burnt out, and still feeling the lingering stinging burn of un-fulfillment in the workplace (or lack of purpose) as I often feel in my small office desk. I know we needed some of the usual staples such as milk, eggs, and something else…aaaa HAAA…like a RAY OF LIGHT cast ‘pon my glutenous belly, there was a stack of Entenmann’s Cakes and such on sale!

having cake and eating it too

NO, I said to myself. I CAN’T! I must cut sugars. PLUS, I’m staying away from late night snacks.

AWWW shucks, I also said. I DON’T CARE anymore, I solemnly mumbled woefully. It doesn’t matter, I want my cake and I want to eat it too.

So I buy a cake called Louisiana Crunch cake, and with that kinda name it’s most likely deliciously glorifying in the worst way.

It sits on my kitchen shelf, and I looked at it and had a moment.


Here is my new test of will power, I will sit that cake on the shelf, and see if I could walk by it every night to make tea AND resist my temptations at cutting into a piece of sugary DELIGHT.

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