I picked a strange time to stop writing…

Hellraiser 3

Seriously. One of my last blogs was a post about the new year. “Oh,” I said… “it’s just another year. Make your resolutions.” And when some people humbly say that all they want is happiness and/or to survive, usually it’s in the tone of a joke.

It’s time to set your goals and make the donuts! This was back in January of course, when the new health scare was a month and a half or so from actually becoming a pandemic and was so far a local threat to some Eastern countries; with some news dramatizations and predictions of the newfound sickness to soon spread throughout the world.

something bad is coming

Yikes! If this is true, then this could be bad…Of course we were hard to believe the threat because we are America and we are proud and resilient and perhaps invincible up to a point. Global sicknesses are a thing of the past, and like the most recent ones such as Ebola or swine flu, where other parts of the world were heavily masked and in search of cover; we were ready to watch a CNN update to tell us that this sickness was no longer a threat.

laugh now

Fast-forward to May where we say, holy moly, this is bad…WORSE then predicted. MUCH WORSE then Trump’s hoax and Cooper’s fake deliveries. It was in fact terrible to new reaches of awful. It was deadly to the 100 thousandth body…and some. But guess what…IT GETS WORSE.

As the country was put on lock-down with no sports to watch, no haircuts allowed, and all faces to be covered by masks of sorts; little did we know that we were in fact preparing for a strange twist to the narrative yet a very piece of Americana at that, and that was fighting and protesting against police brutality and racism.

here comes the po

This national fight has been going on just about forever; or at least a century or so, and after spending months with bizarre struggles ranging from where’s the toilet paper to how am I supposed to teach my kids algebra, we grew angrier and angrier with the usual increase of minorities being shot or choked down…yet again…and this time we weren’t having it anymore. So we put our masks on and encouraged by the nonsense sputtering belittling of our supposed leader and took it too the streets, in unity as one nation. And it seems as though people out there just may be responding this time around.

this is America

I’m happy to welcome myself to the blog posts, and I ask myself why I haven’t done so while I was sitting in furlough for the past 2 months. Yes, I get it. Aside from the badly abridged description of a most chaotic first half of a year, this was just a way to get back to the postings of a mind greatly impacted by the craziness surrounding.

I hope you enjoyed thus far and stick around for more.

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