Where to next?

…to the future…?

Logans Run

A couple days ago as protests over racial inequality escalated all over the country, I took notice how the deadly sickness had taken a backseat as far as mainstream news delivery. Yes, the reopening of America was being portrayed as a spot of light at the end of a cavernous couple of months. But other than that, the news channels had showed huge gatherings of people all over the country as their headline, followed by instructions as to when the people could go to the beach or get a haircut. Phases and so on…

I started to ask myself, “Hey, what happened to that froggy Fauci character? And what’s up with the CDC and WHO, who’ve been all over the place for the past few months?”

guess who

Shortly thereafter an article began surfacing everywhere about the WHO’s claim regarding whether or not asymptomatic people could spread the infection and I said; along with all the people who shared and reposted this article, “Whaaa…”

I’m tired of not believing and calling bullshit all the time, except some of the times I say, “You know what, this EXPERT on the news just may be right.” But every day it’s something else to believe and this latest article made me want to throw my masks in the dumpster because I’m tired of the bullshit.

But good thing I didn’t just yet because here comes freaky Fauci to rebut the recent wordings of the World HEALTH Commission and scare us straight. He said, “they’re wrong…I’m right…and we’re all still in some shit.”


I know 2020 is a super-futuristic seeming year, one that maybe a few good sci fi stories may have taken place. And in the context of such, I almost imagine a very dystopian and frightening setting and backdrop. Yes, we may have some self driving cars…

vroom vroom…electric, baby

…but we also have drugs that not only cure depression but also causes more depression. All the events of not only recent history but also the short span of the entire saga of the free world has led us to this point. And now we have to say, WTF man, where to next? Who are we going to choose to lead us to a better tomorrow? What’s it going to take to fix these deep wounds of yester-year?

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