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Not too long ago, I found myself saying to someone about a certain song, “This is their first song off their first album. It really captures who they are.” And if my memory serves me correctly (which it probably doesn’t), I’ve said something like this several times in the recent past.

As I became older, I became more interested in everything that makes the artist; not just their music. I started reading more biographies and watching more documentaries and for some reason, message sent from how a band or artist wants to introduce themselves on that first album has become something that interests me.

I decided to make a short list of bands with first album openers that really summed them up.

**before going right into the list, I just wanted to add that I’m not old enough to go into details how the music business worked in the 60s and 70s, as far as what songs sold and in what order…meaning, were singles and eps selling first? Was that first song the FIRST big hit on the album? I don’t know, maybe more research could lead me towards some kind of more interesting info. Also, I don’t even know how the music business works now as well as the previous couple decades. I just know that now there always seems to be some kind of ambient or build up track that kicks off each album. And since music doesn’t seem to have the same staying power. So..

…when talking about music, you might as well keep it classic…

  1. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Album – Black Sabbath (1970). This nasty 3 chord progression is slowed down like 100 times and just sounds pure evil.
  2. Take It Easy by Eagles. Album – Eagles (1972). That happy snap-along opening riff is a dad’s classic rock radio favorite. “…I got seven women on my mind…” I could almost picture Glenn Frey with a big mop of ’70s hair saying, “relax. be cool. Take it easy.”
  3. Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin. Album – Led Zeppelin (1969). Gotta love how the guitar rips the intro of this song, alone, then the drums help build upon it, and soon enough you feel the power and the grooves. Mesmerizing vocals and shredding guitars that seemed to be on the verge of pushing psychedelic rock somewhere further.
  4. Hit The Lights by Metallica. Album – Kill ’em All (1983). There wasn’t much metal in America at that time (if there was any) so when this album is released, which begins with that noisy sound of …well, noise (scratching of guitar strings and might as well be thunder from the gods!)… you almost imagine that you are about to witness something about to explode. Then the song breaks into this ultra fast yet harmonious riff that you can’t help but bang your head in rhythm. A couple minutes later it’s solo time and you are experiencing all of that, plus chills.
  5. My Name Is Jonas by Weezer. Album – Weezer (aka Blue Album) (1994). A sweet clean guitar riff opens the track, solo, which was a typical alternative rock sound of the times. Soon the rest of company joins in, and they’re all rocking out pretty hard and sounds like they’re having fun; all while Rivers Cuomo seems to be telling an irreverent story. By the sounds of it, these guys might be around for a while.
  6. Break On Through (to the other side) by The Doors. Album – The Doors (1967). Jazzy drums, eerie organs, screaming poetry. These guys sound like trouble, and we want more.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep it at 6. What do you say, who would you add to the list? I could see a part II sometime in the near future.

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