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Warriors of the Wasteland

Yesterday I was eating lunch with a few people and someone described the business we were talking about as a “numbers game.” I’ve heard this many times before, especially in the context of real estate sales. But for some reason, when said yesterday it really hit me how different this approach to getting closer to our achievements is versus striving towards accepting nothing less than greatness.

It has to really drill into my head that I will have to make a lot of cold calls in order to land one good contact who wants to list with me. Just like when I was little, I should have swung at a lot of pitches to increase my odds of hitting a home run. Or when I was a little bit older I should have asked out more girls in high school so I could get a date. Then shortly after, my work resume should have been sent to a very wide net of recipients in order to narrow down MY choices, and base my choosing far deeper then accepting the first offer to accept me.

This way of thinking reminded me how we are generally brought up to strive towards perfection, and aren’t taught that rejection is just a part of the “numbers game,” which in essence is small steps towards greater success.

Am I right?

quantity not quality
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